Ful Metal – BAPE TYAHH

 As seen on Tumblr , BluntiqMag ,and many more music blogs Producer turned rapper from Virginia, Ful-Metal newest single “BAPE TYAHH” is a song directed to females around the world that simply explains that, you don’t have to do the most to get someone’s attention. Insane amounts of makeup, revealing clothing,exposing pictures on social networks is all not necessary. Ful-Metal expresses these thoughts in a dope dark “Odd Future-ish” sounding way. This song has been highly anticapted ever scene Ful-Metal dropped a snippet on social networks of the catchy hook which many believe is Frank Ocean but you’ll learn to find out who he really is. Cover art also shot and edited by Ful-Metal himself. He’s a Producer , Artist , Photographer , Videographer , Director .. He basically does it all.

Ful Metal – BAPE TYAH

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