Meek Mill’s Request For New Trial Has Been Denied

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On Monday, the controversial judge in the Meek Mill’s ongoing criminal case announced that the 31-year-old rap star would not be granted a new trial. “After an in-depth review of the record, court history, notes of testimony and evidence submitted at the evidentiary hearing,” Judge Genece Brinkley said, according to court documents, “this court hereby denies defendant’s petition for PCRA relief as the defendant failed to meet his burden of proof.”  “We are not surprised by Judge Brinkley’s decision,” said Mill’s attorney Joe Tacopina. “Despite the agreement of the District Attorney’s office on the need for a new trial, and the granting of new trials to other identically situated defendants, Judge Brinkley made clear during the hearing on June 18th that she had already decided the matter. We continue to believe that this miscarriage of justice will be corrected upon further review, and that the public’s confidence in the impartiality of the judicial system in Pennsylvania will be restored.” On Sunday, Mill gave a surprise performance at Avenue nightclub in L.A. after performing his new single, “Stay Woke,” at the BET Awards. Wearing a “Guilty Until Proven Innocent” tee, the rapper said he collaborated on the line with Puma to benefit the nonprofit Gathering for Justice.


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