We recently bumped into a new up and coming music producer that goes by the name of Icy Chill Out out of Oklahoma. He has been making a name for himself and the musician is only 15 years old working with the best of the best in the industry. But not only does he make beats, the young phenom works heavily in sound design. Icy stopped by for an interview with us, see how it went below!
HQM: First and foremost, Where are you from? and what got you into music?


Icy Chill Out:

I’m from Oklahoma. I’ve lived all over the USA, but have always ended back here. What brought me into
music was depression & social anxiety. When I was younger, I got bullied & turned to poetry. I was
pretty good at it too & still am. Then I tried rapping which till this day haunts me I was horrible & didn’t
even have a mic. I was the person that I despise in music today a free beat rapper. Around October 2016,
I started making beats, in 2017 or so I got my first song with Von Roogah & Dnast.


HQM: What are some noteable names that you have worked with or wish to work with in the future?


Icy Chill Out:

I’ve worked with Murda Beatz, Southside, 21 Savage, Kid Hazel, Supah Mario, Gunna, Travis Scott, Nav,
Quavo, Lil Yachty, YBN Nahmir, Fauni, Warhol, Dee Money, 44, Ricky Racks & so on. I would like to
work with Dizzy Wright, Cjay, Lil Uzi Vert, Maaly Raw, Fletcher & SHY Martin in future.


HQM: Who or what is your main influence when it comes to music?


Icy Chill Out:

Mainly, Maaly Raw, Pittthakidd, Joel Venom, Kid Hazel, Ricky Racks, Solo, D Sims, Beldon, Legxnd,
B.o.B, Fletcher, Von Roogah, Dollarsorryens & everybody in Digital Wave.


HQM: Would you say it’s harder or easier being an independent aritst / music producer?


Icy Chill Out:

I might be a producer & sound designer but, rappers have no way of getting in the spotlight as easy as
producers. Imagine, how embarrassing it has to be to go hand out your mixtape or ask people to bump &
then they shit on you. We sit back & wait for our big break. Rappers have to put in more work.


HQM: What’s mixtape or album are you working on at the moment?


Icy Chill Out: I might have some stuff on the way with Trippie Redd & Shaqisdope.


HQM: If you could improve on any area of your career what would it be?


Icy Chill Out:

The way how I put myself out there, I can come off as a rude person but, I try to be honest & humble. I
deal with tons of stuff on the daily especially managing DW, School & trying to make deadlines. I don’t
have a lot of personal time.


HQM: Where can your fans or the people reach you at to find your music?


Icy Chill Out:

@Icychillout – Instagram, Twitter & Snapchat *Hit Me On Insta For The Quick Response* – For any questions


HQM: Anything else you that you didn’t want to leave out?


Icy Chill Out:

I’ve gone through a lot & I don’t want people to let their situations get the worst of them. I’ve burned
bridges that weren’t to be burnt.
Please, don’t chase the bag & dump someone off in the trash, don’t cut relationships off for a bag. I love Aries & I can’t believe I didn’t mention him once, he’s been there with me since I’ve started rapping. An album with PK is on the way, but people don’t consider that a placement so you know… Anyways, I can’t thank Hiiqlass Media enough for this opportunity. Love you guys!


Follow Icy Chill Out On Twitter – @icychilloutsb

Buy Beats From Icy Chill Out –

Follow Icy Chill Out On IG –


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