Up And Coming NC Artist Taee Releases New Mixtape “Local Wrapper”

If you haven’t heard of this artist right here and you have been in the music scene in Raleigh,NC then there must be some kind of malfunction. Taee also known as “Taee Fame” has been making a name for himself around the NC and with plans to expand just released a new project of hisContinue reading “Up And Coming NC Artist Taee Releases New Mixtape “Local Wrapper””

Eminem Fires Right Back At Machine Gun Kelly With New Diss Record “KillShot”!

Well, we all anticipated for Eminem to fire back at MGK and here you have it, He finally dropped the response. The question is what do you guys think and do you think Machine Gun Kelly should reply?

Smokepurpp Gets Jumped By Russ & His Crew!

Earlier in the week Russ stopped by the Breakfast club to tlak about his latest release of his new album “ZOO” and also touched on the fact that he had a run in with Smokepurpp and things got ugly. Russ planned not to drop the footage unless Smokepurpp said “Fuck Russ” again but decided toContinue reading “Smokepurpp Gets Jumped By Russ & His Crew!”