Acidtrip Drops Debut Album “Bedlamite” & This One Is For The Books!



AcidTrip is an aspiring artist & activist from Charlotte NC Who makes “Ascension Music” a term he coined for his versatile sound. He’s been recognized by Sway Calloway and worked with mick Jenkins and Pro eras Chuck Strangers. He has been touring the East coast and the south and recently came back from New Orleans San Diego Brooklyn and Las Vegas. He even rocked a sold out show in between Joey Bada$$ Amerikkkana Tour In North Carolina.His music is described as Euphoric and introspective. AcidTrip has also been featured by Gary Ryan of rolling stone magazine, thisis50 & been reckognized by emerging indie of the U.K. He wants to inspire change and grow with his music. He is dedicated and definitely earned all the numerous blogs including hnhh who have featured his different and creative style of music multiple times. He released 4 projects in 2017. He released his 6th Project And Debut Album with no features and 1 main producer on 4/21/17 He Released digitally On All Platforms And all his Physical copies sold out. AcidTrip is a dedicated artist who stands for redemption, change & progression. AcidTrip returns with an incredible masterpiece that definitely separates him from the rest musically. The cover alone is immaculate. It represents universal truth from different cultures, sciences, and religions. He explains that when we know ourselves we can identify connections to all things. The production is entirely by Wichti from Krasnodar, Russia. AcidTrip & Wichti communicated through a translator through the creative process of this album because of the language barrier. But sonically you would think they spoke the same language in the same studio due to the cohesion of their sound. The album starts with a Psychedelic Party mood and quickly transitions to More Intimate Emotions And aspects of his being Including bliss, insecurities, and pain. AcidTrip exposes the darker side of his soul which later balances out to his current mindset. A nocturnal lightworker who embodies the duality of good and bad and promotes the ascension of humanity. This album is beautifully composed and is definitely an experience in itself. There are no features & the versatility is amazing. Bedlamite is a must have for any true music lover or hip hop head.



STREAM “Bedlamite” Here –

Acidtrip – The Tamo Tape

After dropping at least 5 different projects this year, Acidtrip continues to hit us with more real music. Introducing “The Tamo Tape” with alot of unreleased material, Trip plans to end the year off in a orderly fashion. Keep your eyes on this guy because he’s not being silent by any means necessary!

Charlotte,NC’s Own Acidtrip Stops Through For An Interview

Interview with rising Hi–Hop artist Acidtrip from Charlotte,NC



1. First and foremost, Where are you from? and what got you into music?

I’m originally from Charlotte, NC but I was born in The Congo. Music has always been apart of my life before I even knew what it was. Africans are big on music whether it be dance or the sound of a drum. no matter what the intention is there was always melody around. My cousin & I use to pretend to play drums when we were younger so the love of music was always there. I use to write poetry a lot too so I always had a love for self expression. In middle school when I started smoking weed It was what we did in sessions. back then I used to just listen because I didn’t have the confidence yet. But once I started high school I started Free-styling in the cyphers before class and everybody always used to tell me I needed to write stuff or record it because I always had witty lines. Then an old friend I used to know gave me a news reporter microphone and I started recording. But 2015 is when I started taking it serious. Before then it was just therapy and something to do with my friends.

2. What are some noteable names that you have worked with or wish to work with in the future?

I’ve worked with Mick Jenkins Chuck Strangers & Joel Venom. I’ve met a lot of people I listen to but the only ones I want to work with is Ab soul, FBZ, UA, A$AP 12vy, Joey Bada$$, Erykah Badu, & Schoolboy Q. I say those 7 because I see myself in the people I want to work with. My music is different & versatile and in a Collab I love it to be unforced, organic, & natural. The sound has to be cohesive. That’s why I don’t have a long list because it’s the feeling I go for, not so much the name.

3. Who or what is your main influence when it comes to music?

My main influence for my music comes from outside of music. Of course I have artists I love but I was inspired by OSHO. His books changed my views on the world and he helped me help myself in a very dark time in my life & I think about his words daily. Musically I have 5 artists who inspire me for various reasons. Bob Marley because his message of love and peace transcended music but his wisdom was reflected in his lyrics simultaneously, and his reverence for GOD was very evident. I respect that. Sade because she expressed emotions People usually suppress and made it beautiful like sadness for example. Her sound is incredibly soothing and she didn’t let the fame change her. She dropped albums and disappeared to live life.  2pac because he had so many elements to his being and was so genuine On or off the mic. He wore his heart on his sleeve. I admire that. Erykah Badu because She is unapologetically herself and a true mystic. Capital Steez(LongLiveSTEELO) because his bars were witty, lyrical, & he made you think about things that Society doesn’t want you to think about. All these artists make you FEEL. That is why they inspire me.

4. Would you say it’s harder or easier being an independent aritst / music producer?

I feel like there are pros and cons to both sides of the spectrum it just depends on your perspective. I personally feel it is a lot more unforgiving but more rewarding to be an independent artist but I feel a little help from the label won’t hurt as long as you have the right contract.

5. What’s mixtape or album are you working on at the moment?

At the moment I’m working on a collaborative album between Myself and Wichti, a producer from Europe that has produced a few of my songs. We have a great chemistry because his sound is divergent.

6. If you could improve on any area of your career what would it be?


If I could improve anything it would be my promotional team. Not even for recognition or anything but I want to get my music out to as many people as possible because I aim to inspire hope and you never know who needs it. Plus as an artist, you want your music appreciated and I know my music is for a certain type of audience. I would improve my promotional team. But regardless I’m still grateful.

7. Where can your fans or the people reach you at to find your music?

My fans can reach me on twitter and Instagram @AcidTripTamo I’m not much of a Facebook person. I’ve tried it over and over and it’s just not for me. But I’m on all platforms just look up AcidTrip-NaZaLee or AcidTrip-LAZULi on on Spotify tidal

8. Anything else you that you didn’t want to leave out?

I appreciate the love from you guys HQM. It’s been about 2 years since we met but you’ve stayed true and been Rockin with me so I just wanted to say Thankyou for everything and all the opportunities.

Acidtrip – NaZaLee (EP)


The Charlotte,NC native “Acidtrip” continues to drop consistent content through the seasons with his 3rd EP “NaZaLee”. The album features Mick Jenkins, Abby Davis & Joel Venom, with production from 1VArt, Kid Ocean, Aamon, Joel Venom, Cozy & Origami! See what all of the fuss is about..because it’s only about to get even more epic from here on out.




Acidtrip – Trippy Waters feat. Mick Jenkins (prod. Joel Venom)

It’s been a very busy month for Acidtrip. Releasing his most recent EP “LAZULi” and with another upcoming project on the way called “Nazali”, The charlotte emcee decided to tag in Mick Jenkins on this soothing track called “Trippy Waters” with production by none other than Joel Venom. Keep an eye out for more!


Acidtrip – LAZULi [EP]

Once again, Acidtrip delivers with a new EP called “LAZULi”. This project has been in the making for quite some time and being that the eccentric Charlotten dropped his last mixtape “Arcanum” fans are going to be more than satisfied. LAZULi features production from the likes of Joey Bars, Witchti, L.A Chase, Canis Major and many more!




Acidtrip – Arcanum (Mixtape)


Acidtrip finally drops his new mixtape “Arcanum” with guest appearances from Joel Venom, Troop & Keo Soul. Not to mention crazy production from Joel Venom, Canis Major, Tee $’teez, L.A Cha$e & Witchti! Acidtrip has been working really hard lately and has a new visual coming called “Medicine Wheel” which is also off of the project. The wait is over and to be honest, Charlotte has a secret weapon on their hands!

AcidTrip Working On New Project for 2016 | Ethereal (prod. Joel Venom)


AcidTrip (@AcidtripTamo) is bound to do some serious business with his 2nd official project to start the year off right in 2016. Reigning from Charlotte , King Trip has been too busy working to show his fans a better view of his vision. Be on the lookout for his new music video “Ethereal” to drop EXCLUSIVELY on Hii Qlass Media. You heard and saw it here first!


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