KJ Tha Flygi – Kenzie 

I stumbled upon this artist today and I was impressed by the honesty in his craft as well as the message he brought to the table especially on Father’s Day. KJ gives you something to think about which most artist don’t do these days in Hip Hop so it’s very rare. If your a father yourself, you will respect this song/visual right 

Ty Law Vs B Magic | SMACK/URL

Now this is what I call refreshing as far as the battle world goes. Ty Law vs B Magic is a must see, Infact SMACK should have just saved this for a main event at NOME. Ehh who knows. Anyway I had Ty Law 2-1 in this one. Find out for yourself tho!

Bellafonte – Eye For An Eye

Peeped this earlier , and I’ve got to say somebody must have a lit a fire under Bellafonte’s ass or something because he’s been snapping lately. The Shawtown, NC Emcee is back in effect and it doesn’t seem like he’s stopping anytime soon. Take a listen and you’ll see what I mean.

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